Together We Can Make NH Great Again

Karen Testerman

For Governor

  • Governor Sununu’s shutdown of NH has brought about the destruction of small businesses and hurt our families.
  • NH Jobs are at stake – Big Corporations over Small Businesses
  • Governor Sununu has devastated the once thriving economy of NH and continues to drive it further in to the ground with each emergency order.
  • Each emergency order chooses/selects/decides which businesses are allowed to practice their trade only to be hamstrung by an endless list of regulations
  • We are in a war for the survival of NH as the leader it has always been.
  • We must decide whether we are a free state or whether we are “First-In-The-Nation” in name only.
  • We must decide if we will be controlled by Governor Sununu or if we will retain our sovereignty and personal responsibility.




The Leadership New Hampshire Needs Right Now

Meet Karen

Karen was raised in a modest home in a small California farming community where she developed her core beliefs as a social and fiscal conservative.  Her grandparents immigrated from Japan and Poland.  Although her grandparents were prevented from becoming naturalized citizens until their sunset years, they raised their children to be proud Americans.  Her father was a member of the 442nd Battalion, the most highly decorated battalion, during World War II.

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Women for Women Garden Party

Event Date: Friday, August 14
Event Time: 5 to 7 pm
Event Location: 29 Woodmeadow Drive, Salem, N.H.


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Together we can make NH Great Again!

Involvement & Accomplishments

Coalition NH Taxpayers

NH Right to Life

NH Secure The Grid

Founder & Executive Director Cornerstone Policy Research

NH Firearms Coalition

Abstinence Advisory Committee

Life member of the Gun Owners of NH

Founding of Natural Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies

NH Alliance

School District Governance Association of NH

Laura Bush Helping America's Youth

Franklin City Councilor

News & Updates 

Sununu cracks down on COVID-19 Emergency Order violators

Sununu cracks down on COVID-19 Emergency Order violators

[Editor: King Sununu ups the ante.

Is this to fund the state’s $580 million revenue shortfall caused by the governor’s shutdown, or is it political oppression to  derail his opponent’s campaign?

The new Emergency Orders have not been announced and are not posted on his Facebook page like all the other orders. Is this entrapment?]

InDepthNH: “Any business, organization, entity, property owner, facility owner, organizer, or individual that recklessly violates any Emergency Order, rule, or regulation issued under the State of Emergency shall be subject to civil penalties of up to $1,000 for each violation or day that a violation continues,” the order states.

Sununu’s handling of COVID-19 crisis prompts long-shot GOP primary challenge by conservative activist

Sununu’s handling of COVID-19 crisis prompts long-shot GOP primary challenge by conservative activist

[Karen Testerman’s] campaign website features a photo of her with President Donald Trump and declares her as: “Pro-Freedom, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Trump.”

She writes that as governor, she would propose and sign legislation to repeal the law allowing the governor to exercise emergency powers.

“Every worker in New Hampshire is essential under the Bill of Rights,” she writes, in reference to his original “Stay-at-Home” order. “Each and every one of us is guaranteed equal treatment under the law.”

Sue and Jerry DeLemus Fundraiser

Sue and Jerry DeLemus Fundraiser

Last night’s fundraiser for Sue and Jerry Delemus at Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford. Thank you for all who attended and gave so generously. Thank you to Keith Murphy and his staff for their service. For those who want to contribute

Thank you Regina Barnes and Jack Kimball for joining me in this endeavor. $3,500 was raised to help Jerry and Sue DeLemus.

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