It takes a team effort working together to make progress. While we were not victorious in this battle, we gave hope and encouragement to many who felt alone and secluded. And so to all who gathered together to move the mountain, THANK YOU!!!


A special thank you to Lynn, Kathleen, Doris, Liz, Timmy, Regina, Don, Werner, David, Steven, Craig, Karen, CherriLynn, Ruth, Dianna and Ben. You came together with special talents and passion to propel this campaign forward. Without you this seed would not have grown. I am humbled by those who wrote letters of endorsement, words of encouragement, and letters to the editors. Thank you to all who volunteered to display signs, distribute literature, stand at the polls and to make calls. Most of all thank you for your groundswell of support.


We embarked on a David and Goliath mission. The results of the Primary Election battle was not what we desired. However the vision of a society operating within the constraints of our NH Constitution is still before us. We cannot relinquish the Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers to socialism. We are in a war for our liberties. The heart and soul of this state. And so…


We must continue to fight for those liberties. We must stand against the tyranny of masks and social distancing and wholesale vaccination programs. We must fight against the attack our on religious liberties. We must fight against the censorship of free thinking.


So many before us sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. We must not let their sacrifice be in vain. We too must renew our pledge to Make NH Free Again. Each of us must…

“Ask not what our country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country.”

President John F. Kennedy


Let us continue to grow our numbers. Let us continue to instill brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. We can never, never, never, never give up the fight! Let us work together to Make NH Great Again. God bless each and everyone of you.




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