Mount Washington Valley Republicans

Lobster Trap 2840 W Side Rd, North Conway, New Hampshire

Karen Testerman, Candidate for Governor is our featured speaker. Our meetings are open to all who are willing to support Republican ideals no matter whether you are conservative or moderate. You are welcome. Come join us!

How We Can Take It Back

R.E. Clifford Armory 65 S. Court St., Woodsville, NH

If we don’t know our rights, how can we know when they are being violated?

If we don’t know how our government and political process is supposed to operate, how can we know when they operate illegally, in violation of the Constitution and our rights?

If our representatives don’t know the Constitution or misunderstand it, how can they honor an oath to defend it? How can they know what their job is and is not? How can we the people, unless we understand our contract with them, how they have broken it, and how they are still breaking it?

We are the Constitutional Republicans. We are not a party or part of any party. Our mission is to equip the people with knowledge to take back their government and restore the American birthright given to future generations by our founders, a Constitutional Republic!

Peacefully & Legally
Please Join Us December 4th
at the
R. E. Clifford Building (Armory)
65 S Court St.
Woodsville, NH
5:00pm to 8:00pm

For more information please visit

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