Filing Papers

NH Sttate House

We are meeting in front of the State House at 10:30. See you there!

Rochester 9-12

Rochester Community Center

Americans do what Americans do when the going gets tough: Lean on each other and God to make it through difficult times.

Coffee at The Works

The Works Cafe

Chat over coffee. Come ask your questions or share your concerns.

Porc Fest – Which Party Panel

Roger's Campground - Home

What makes more sense this election cycle: (L)ibertarian or (R)epublican for Governor?

Four Aces Diner – Lebanon

Four Aces Diner

Join Karen as she meets the diners in Lebanon for lunch! Be sure to bring your questions.

GOUSA OppCon ’22 American Opportunity Conference

John Paul's Cathedral Bar & Property

We must unite on our American Principles to Save America this November. Learn about the OppScore - we'll Award OppScores to our Pro-USA Candidates to Help them WIN this November.

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