Last week, Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader shared a story from Politico Pro that pointed out Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Sununu’s lie about Waterville Valley only having local investors. Sununu made the claim about having only local investors back in 2010 when he purchased the resort. Sununu often talked about local control and even claimed that he could have gone to outside investors but chose not to, he lied. Landrigan followed this up with another story in the Union Leader yesterday.

Who exactly is Safa Trust and why would a Virginia-based organization invest in a New Hampshire ski resort that needed millions of dollars sunk into it? Why would a Virginia-based organization, whose mission statement as listed in Guidestar, “To promote and contribute to religious, educational, cultural, and charitable activities, programs, and organizations,”  invest over $1 million dollars in a New Hampshire ski resort? Especially an organization that focuses on the religion of Islam?

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