I would like to congratulate Governor Chris Sununu for gaining sufficient number of votes to gain the nomination of the New Hampshire Republican Party.


This is not an endorsement because my campaign was about more than the election of a gubernatorial candidate. The past 90 days was about the direction our state is heading, the loss of our constitutional rights, and Governor Sununu’s  67 UNCONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY EDICTS


Yes, there is one more Emergency Order that Sununu slipped into place. It regulates remote learning centers, or learning pods, that are forming as result of Sununu’s emergency order allowing public schools to go fully remote. Remote learning makes it untenable for working parents to provide for their families. As parents innovate and create learning centers so they can get back to work, Sununu turns around and signs another emergency order to regulate those learning pods and further burden parents.  Sununu is destroying families and creating dependency, forcing our society into socialism.


Sununu needs to do better. He needs to stop HIDING from constituents and refusing to take questions. He needs to differentiate himself from Feltes by restoring our constitutional rights. He needs let us make our own decisions about masks, about vaccines and our health.


I’m calling the lockdowns: crimes against humanity. Both the young (students) and our seniors (in Long Term Care facilities) are suffering. Where is Sununu’s compassion for the HARM he continues to cause to our families and the DESTRUCTION of our livelihoods?


Karen Testerman


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