Our children are the future. Families are the basic unit of society. Parents should be respected as the primary stakeholders in  raising their children.

As the Primary Stakeholders it is their responsibility to oversee the health and well being of their children.  They are also respoonsible for assisting their child(ren) to reach their God given potential.

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Constitution and Bill of Rights

The New Hampshire Constitution comes first and has 39 articles in Part 1 which are your  Bill of Rights.  NH Founding Fathers insisted on the inclusion of a Bill of Rights in the Federal Constitution to protect our state sovereignty. Each of these rights is inherent and essential.

If you do not know those rights you can’t claim them.  Every worker in New Hampshire is essential under the Bill of Rights. Each and every one of us is guaranteed equal treatment under the law.

I will advocate for and sign a bill to repeal RSA 4:45, the unconstitutional emergency powers law. We must not ever allow the Legislature to shirk its duty. The New Hampshire Constitution grants only to the General Court the power to make and suspend the laws, not a Governor who would be our master.

I will veto any omnibus bills the legislature puts on my desk, even if it contains beneficial measures  The New Hampshire tradition of one issue, one bill, ensures the accountability of both individual General Court members and the Legislature as a whole.


All men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Life is precious and should be protected, respected, and honored. There should be no discrimination in our society. Respect for all is the goal.


Small businesses are the back bone of New Hampshire. We need to reduce regulations and other restrictions that inhibit the growth of our businesses. Businesses should be able to grow, expand and export beyond our borders.

NH must re-open for business without invasive emergency regulations unless the statutory regulatory process is followed. The governor shouldn’t be creating regulations to control every business and activity in the state. This does not respect the separation of power required by our constitution.

Public hearings must to be held to give ample opportunity for the public to comment. Only then may regulations be approved by the legislature.

Second Amendment

NH citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.

It is inaccurate to suggest that the second amendment was designed to allow firearms ownership only for the purpose of hunting.  Standing your ground and protecting your family, property and state is not hunting. I own and carry firearms because our fore fathers fought for that right, knowing “a well regulated militia being necessary to a free state.” While I may not be a candidate for draft into the militia, I will go if necessary. In the meantime, I will defend myself, my family and my property. It is a fact that an armed citizen is more likely to stop an attack than provoke one.


As a long time member of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers and Americans for Taxpayers, I am well aware of the burden taxes can cause.  I have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

First Responders

Those who put their lives on the line to protect and defend us deserve our respect and support at every level.  The New Hampshire Police Academy is premier in the nation.


Health care is best when delivered directly between the patient and their doctor. Eliminating the third party makes it more affordable and accessible to all.

When patients are financially responsible to pay their provider, they are able to shop for the best value. Purchasing catastrophic insurance or joining a medical sharing program should be available options for the unexpected crisis.

Health care is about individual responsibility. Individuals need to make good choices to nurture, exercise, and treat their bodies with respect.

Informed consent must be respected.  Patients should be informed of all ingredients in their treatment, whether it is a medication or a vaccination.  Individual decisions should be respected.  Our bodies.  Our Choice. Individuals should decide what will be introduced into their bodies.


By design the Government (legislative, executive and judicial branches) has limited authority which must be at the approval of the people.  The constitution, “the law of the land” is a guide to limit the powers of the governing bodies. It is the job of the governing bodies to protect our God-given rights.  It is to ensure that the people can exercise their liberties.

Our elected officials are there to serve the people they represent. They need to be held accountable. Eternal vigilance must be encouraged. Transparency is essential. Every effort must be made to inform the people so they can make logical, informed decisions for themselves.

We must maintain the sovereignty of our state. We are the United States of America not the United State of America.


How would you have dealt with the COVD-19?

I trust the people of NH. Give them the information and what options are available to them. Then allow the people to decide the best course of action for their situations. The final responsibility is with people the.

No restrictions on HCQ. No lockdowns. No masks (Face coverings remove identities and are not effective against the viruses. Additionally, they cause more harm to the individual when used improperly and for the wrong reasons.)

In my opinion, the Emergency Powers Act is repugnant to the Constitution. Therefore, as Governor it would have been my responsibility to refuse to use RSA 4:45.


Parents are the Primary Stakeholders in the education of their child(ren).  Every child deserves an education that allows them to achieve their God-given potential. There is no one size fits all approach for our children.  As the Primary Stakeholder, parents have the responsibility to make decisions, monitor the progress and oversee any special needs of the child until they reach the majority age.

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